New PVC Colors: Purple and Orange

New PVC Colors: Purple and Orange


We're super stoked to announce our newest stocked colors available in the 1/2 in. through 1-1/4 in. sizes:  Purple and Orange.

As with all other FORMUFIT bright colors, these products are UV resistant and impact proof, just like our legacy White color.  All FORMUFIT color PVC pipe is solid-wall, meaning that if the pipe gets scratched, the color remains as the material color is the same on the inside, as it is on the outside.

PVC Purple and Orange PipeAll FORMUFIT color PVC fittings and pipe work great to build your favorite PVC projects in team or school colors, and are perfect to match your favorite holiday seasons.

While we have limited quantities of some of the smaller diameter sizes, we will be continually adding these to our inventory over the six weeks, starting in March of 2015.


  • I ordered some Formufit orange pipe and fittings for a pool towel holder from HD. The orange color is fantastic and going to really pop!!

    Thanks Formufit!

    - Mr Big
  • Hi. I’m interested in coloured pipes and fitting for baby furniture.
    Do you ship to South Africa?

    - Billy De La Querra

    - YEEHAW
  • Thanks for sharing this awesome blogs

    - Master Pipe
  • Looking for 7 to 8 ft. lengths of thin wall, [.125] in orange to be used for marking snowmobile trails through fields. Need 50 if sold in lots that size. Would be shipped to Center Coonway, NH 03813

    - colin preece

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