Auntie Em Creations builds with FORMUFIT Products

Auntie Em Creations builds with FORMUFIT Products

Author FORMUFIT Staff

FORMUFIT PVC products are use by inventors, entrepreneurs and businesses. Our products, available in PVC bulk quantities, are ideal for those who wish to create products that are tubular in structure, impact-proof and easily reproducible.

Auntie Em Creations puts this into practice with their line of unique and beautifully styled Cat Condos, made from FORMUFIT PVC fittings.

Featured in Modern Cat, Auntie Em Creations' products feature durable construction, are easy to clean and are available in a number of cotton, flannel and fleece fabrics with an array of colors and patterns.

Along with their Cat Condo, Auntie Em Creations also has single hammocks, 2-Tiered Hammocks, available for cats, as well as small (up to 15 lb.) dogs, all made from durable UV protected outdoor fabrics, and FORMUFIT PVC components.

While Auntie Em's offers their products to consumers, these Cat Condos were recently featured as a second place prize in a National Shelter Makeover contest, providing a safe, sturdy, clean and stylish environment for sheltered cats for the Cat's Cradle cat shelter in Fargo, ND.

Their shelter hammocks and Cat Condos use 1000 Denier Cordura fabric, which can be disinfected without dismantling the structure, which is perfect for shelters and catteries.


Auntie Em Creations, is a perfect example of the entrepreneurial and business capabilities of using FORMUFIT Furniture Grade PVC fittings, Furniture Grade PVC pipe, and PVC accessories to create unique products, easily and affordably.

For more information on our bulk PVC pipe and fitting products, quantities and how you can buy online, please visit our companion bulk product site,

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