Construct A PVC Computer Workstation

Construct A PVC Computer Workstation

Author FORMUFIT Staff

As many can attest to, maximizing the space in our home and office is crucial. Space can be at a premium and as needs change, so can our space requirements. One FORMUFIT customer found himself in a predicament where he needed to expand his computer storage and work area using existing furniture. In his prior residence, the setup he was dealing with was fine as it was a smaller space. But when he changed residences and his needs changed as well, he needed to come up with a solution.

Ray, who runs the Joyful Turtle blog, detailed in a blog post that he needed a larger computer workstation that could be built indoors due to the cold weather, could be taken apart and reassembled as needed…yet big enough and sturdy enough to hold all his equipment. To that end, he decided to build his own computer workstation utilizing FORMUFIT products.

As seen in the photos, Ray constructed his framework with a left and right tower along with a central support connector in the middle for the keyboard and desk space area. Along with other materials that Ray lists in his blog post, he was able to purchase 3/4" FORMUFIT PVC piping and connectors for his needs.

PVC Workstation Frame

In addition to the desk frame, he also constructed a light bar that mounted above the desk to customize lighting for his computer use.

NOTE: Although Ray originally painted the PVC piping a different color, this task was in fact not needed due to the various colors that FORMUFIT already offers for their products.

PVC Computer Workstation

The end result was an entirely transformed work desk suitable for all of Ray’s needs not only in the present, but as he stated “for years to come”. The design was so well received that he actually had offers from friends to construct their desks for him!

Recently Ray provided an update where he stated he moved to another residence, and that the desk came apart easily and was able to be reassembled at his new place without effort. To get some more insight on Ray’s project and how he went about doing it, you can check out his article here!

PVC Workstation Support

PVC Computer Desk Final


  • Exactly what I want. Great thing is I can make it to the size I need and want! Thanks, Ray for this fantastic pattern!

    - Peggy
  • Wow this is quite interesting I’m going to make mine like this 1.

    - Tendai

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