Organize & Store Gift Wrap using PVC Pipe & Fittings

Organize & Store Gift Wrap using PVC Pipe & Fittings

Author FORMUFIT Staff

As the holiday season switches into full overdrive, it seems as if things tend to get more chaotic and any chance to make this time of year a bit more ordered is welcomed greatly. One family of FORMUFIT customers took it upon themselves to use our furniture grade PVC fittings to make their lives a little easier (and less cluttered).

PVC Pipe Gift Wrap Storage

Melissa, along with her husband Ken, reside in Alexandria, Virginia and run a captivating and informative blog “Super NoVA Wife” that covers many topics including DIY projects at home, technology and financial advice and life in general. For one such challenge, Melissa and Ken utilized our products to design a solution for gift wrap storage that was accessible, could store easily and would be simple to create. Most gift wrap storage solutions are shaped in such a way that they are difficult to store in a closet or if it’s made to fit under a bed, can only hold so many gift wrap rolls.

That’s where the Super NoVA Wife and FORMUFIT collaboration comes in! They were able to create a solution using parts obtained from both Home Depot and from FORMUFIT directly.


As you can see, they created this particular holder with a focus for easy storage behind the headboard of their bed. Now they can retrieve and store all the holiday wrap they need at a moment’s notice but can also take advantage of this same storage for birthday gift wrap and other events throughout the year.

PVC Pipe Storage

Melissa has a particular post on her blog outlining step-by-step how they went about building this as well as the parts needed to complete the project, including our 1/2” 3-way PVC Elbow Fittings. The instructions are easy to follow and include plenty of pictures to guide you along the way. They also note that if the idea of cutting your own piping is daunting, then places like Home Depot and Lowes are able to do just that for you).

PVC Present Wrapping Station

Providing only the very best in PVC pipe, fittings and accessories, FORMUFIT provides the means to build easy solutions for just about anything you can imagine. Melissa and Ken at Super NoVA Blog provide a great example at this link on just how to take a little ingenuity, a few of our parts, and create something useful not only for the holiday season but that you can use throughout the year.


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