PVC Foot Rest

PVC Foot Rest

Materials List

F001TEE 1 in. PVC Tee 6
F0013WE 1 in. 3-Way PVC Elbow 2
F00190E 1 in. 90 Deg. PVC Elbow 2
F001EEC 1 in. External End Cap 2
Pipe Needed 1 in. Sch 40 PVC Pipe 8 ft.

PVC Project Plan Description

The PVC Foot Rest is an easy and inexpensive way to acheive proper foot positioning beneath a desk or office table. Perfect for those with ankle, foot or lower back problems.

Project Specifications:

  • Small form factor, perfect for the business or home office.
  • Creates an ergonomical sitting position, ideal for individuals with angle, leg or lower back problems.
  • Adjustable angles by using different PVC sizes.
  • Strong and safe.
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