1" 3-Way PVC Elbow Fitting - Furniture Grade

Customer Questions & Answers

  • What schedule of PVC pipe should I use?

    You can use 1\" Size Schedule 40 or Schedule 80 PVC pipe with this fitting. 1\" Size PVC pipe has an outside diameter of 1.315\", or around 1-5/16\" Please note that you cannot use CPVC (or Copper Tube Size) pipe with our products, as they use a different measurement system.

  • does a 1 inch pipe fit inside the 1 inch 3 way elbow?

    Yes, a 1\" Size PVC pipe will fit within this elbow. Please note that 1\" PVC pipe has an outside diameter of 1.315\", or 1-5/16\". If you PVC pipe is measuring 1\" in outside diameter, then you most likely have a 3/4\" PVC pipe, or you are using CPVC pipe (not compatible).

  • Will this work with a pipe that goes into a gutter for plumbing to separate the water to sink and shower?

    This product is designed for structural use only, and really should not be used for any type of indoor plumbing use, as it is not NSF rated.

Product Instructions

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Product Description

FORMUFIT 1 in. 3-Way PVC Fittings are ideal for corners in projects, PVC structures and plans where three PVC pipes should meet at a single point, horizontally and vertically at three separate 90-degree angles. These 1 in. 3-Way corners accept three (3) segments of 1 in. Size PVC pipe. Build functional, simple cube shapes. Create art projects. Build tables and stands for projects.

  • Fits externally over 1" Size PVC pipe, which has an outside diameter of 1-5/16" (1.315").
  • Combine three segments of PVC pipe to create a solid, sturdy corner joint, using only a single fitting.
  • Smoothly rounded design accommodates all PVC applications.
  • UV resistant PVC material resists sunlight and fluorescent lighting degradation. Lasts for years in direct sunlight without yellowing, discoloration or cracking.
  • Infused with non-toxic impact modifiers in the resin for use in projects that require durability and repeated abuse.
  • Glossy, clean unmarked surfaces for a professional look
  • All connections are at 90 degrees to each other, for perfect corner applications with PVC pipe
  • Extra deep sockets allow further pipe insertion into the fitting for a more secured, stronger hold.
  • Tapered ends on each socket end to allow a smooth transition from the pipe to the fitting. Won't snag clothing or pet hair like plumbing grade PVC fittings.

Product Features

Connection Points

Impact Resistant

Increased Strength

UV Resistant

Flow Through

Tapered Sockets

Made in USA

Product Compatibility

Fits 1 in Size PVC Pipe

This product will fit 1" Size PVC pipe, which has an outside diameter of 1.315" (1-5/16") and an inside diameter of approximately 1". See our PVC 101 section for more info.

This product is not compatible with CPVC or Copper Tube Size (CTS) pipe.

Product Specifications

1 in. 3-Way Elbow TSD

View all of they physical dimensions of this product by downloading the Technical Specifications document in PDF format.


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