1/2" 5-Way Cross PVC Fitting - Furniture Grade

Product Description

The FORMUFIT 1/2 in. 5-Way PVC Cross lets you easily connect 1/2 in. Size PVC pipe at five points on multiple planes and is essential when building base or stand applications for display units and tables. It offers four sockets in a cross configuration, with a fifth socket to allow a perpendicular connection for added intricacy when building PVC projects.

Product Features

  • Fits externally over 1/2" Size PVC pipe, which has an outside diameter of 13/16" (0.840").
  • 5-Way PVC Side Outlet Crosses are integrated with impact modifiers that give them five times the durable capability than plumbing-grade alternatives .
  • Injection molded as a single unit for a lifetime of durability.
  • Infused with titanium-dioxide, a food-grade additive that blocks UV-degradation.
  • Connect externally onto PVC pipe with chamfered ends that smoothly diminish down to the pipe surface so that fitting edges won't snag pet hair, clothing or materials.
  • Can be connected permanently with PVC cement, or can be used again, by securing with screws between pipe and fitting, for temporary connections.
  • Maintain a a professional, glossy, smooth appearance. There are no manufacturer barcodes, printing or markings, so your projects look professional and manufactured.
  • Sockets extend 30% deeper than plumbing-grade fittings to allow further insertion of a PVC pipe into the fitting which creates greater structural stability.
  • Available in multiple colors in the 1/2 in. PVC Size. Add character and customize your project, or make it unique with your favorite college or team colors.


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