Gets an New Look Gets an New Look

Welcome to the new, simpler, cleaner online face of FORMUFIT. Our site was due for a much needed overhaul and redesign, so we decided to make some changes that we hope everyone will like.

You're already reading our blog-style news feed, which is now your home for everything FORMUFIT. News updates? Check. Blog posts on new PVC projects? Check. Tips and Tutorials? Check. Sports scores? Probably not so much. 

At the bottom of each page, below this post and every product, you'll see our Disqus section. With your participation, this is where the new site is going to come alive: We want to build the best and most vibrant super-awesome community of PVC builders on the Internet, but we need your ideas and input, so please chime in.

At the top of the page, you'll see a menu bar which has been modified from our previous version. We now have fittings, accessories and pipe split into their own categories for easier navigation. Your cart and search functions are here as well.

New PVC menu
Each of our product pages now includes all sizes and all colors (with our new Purple & Orange) to let you select what you need faster, with less moving around the site. Also there are brand new Technical Specifications Documents at the bottom of each product page, which has all of the fitting or component dimensions, weights and data you need to build your PVC project.
We’ve also updated our PVC Library and SketchUp Components. We will be consistently adding a few new plans every month to our PVC Library, and our SketchUp components now cover all products and all PVC sizes, including our 2 inch line.

For FORMUFIT Customer and PVC building support, we’ve created a new Help menu that will not only help you build your PVC projects, but will guide you on getting the help you need faster and easier.

Our wholesale section has also been updated, with new pricing for both pipe and fittings, and a new wholesale request method, which should make our products more accessible to those who need larger quantities.

We invite you to check out our new site and give us any feedback at!

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