How to Build Your Own Floor Quilt Frame + Bonus Plan

How to Build Your Own Floor Quilt Frame + Bonus Plan

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Author FORMUFIT Staff

Are you a quilter? If so, you know that the most important thing for successful quilts is having the right tools for the job. And if you don’t already have one, our newest free PVC plan will show you how to build one of the more important tools - a floor quilting frame.

Floor quilt frames are a great way to be creative and create your own quilt designs. Older adults that have been quilting for years rely on a floor quilt frames as it's easier on the hands and holds their project steady so they can be more precise in their stitching. Given the size of the frame, more than one adult can even stitch at the same time, so they are great for retirement homes and quilting groups.

How a Floor Quilting Frame works

The frame consists of a relatively simple PVC pipe structure, which the material is laid across. FORMUFIT PipeClamps are then snapped over the material, locking the fabric into place and keeping the material rigid. If the position of the quilt has to be changed, simply pull off the PipeClamps, reposition and snap the clamps back into place.

When you’re done with the quilting frame, it can be easily broken down and placed into a corner or a closet for storage.

Building the Floor Quilting Frame

Building a floor quilting frame from PVC pipe is easy. Using our latest PVC Plan, along with FORMUFIT fittings and pipe, you can easily assemble a quilting frame in less than an hour. Download the plan from our Free PVC Plans library, or you can get the plan here directly. A full list of parts needed to build the plan is provided on the product page.

Bonus! PVC Handheld Stitching Frame Plan

In addition to our free plan available for the Floor Quilting Frame PVC Plan, we've also provided an additional plan for for a Handheld Stitching Frame which is a perfect idea to accompany the Floor Quilting Frame project.  You can also download that separate plan and view a list of all the parts needed from the PVC Plans Library, here.

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  • Thank you for providing free downloads for the plans. I was looking for a quilting stand, but none of the available stands were what I was looking for. Hopefully, these will allow me to make adjustments if needed. I look forward to seeing how this works for me.

    Thank you again for your great site and for being a company in the United States.

    - Louise Lowman

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