PVC Puppy Play Gym for Cognitive Development

PVC Puppy Play Gym for Cognitive Development

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Time and again, we’ve seen examples of how our FORMUFIT structural grade PVC products have benefitted people from all sorts of different areas and walks of life. And as we’ve even seen in past articles, our customers also extend those benefits into the animal kingdom as well.  One customer in particular utilizes our products to jumpstart cognitive development in newborn puppies!

PVC Puppy Play Gym

The Bearden Pack” is a blog run by the Bearden family out of Beaumont, California. They specialize in the breeding of champion lines of American and English Golden Retrievers, and take what they do very seriously. Using FORMUFIT products, they built themselves a PVC puppy play gym that stimulates cognition and social skills in their puppies in as early as 4 weeks.

Even though dogs are technically color-blind, the Beardens felt it best to utilize the various color options for our FORMUFIT 1/2” Furniture Grade PVC pipe. This is so that the puppies can still distinguish between light and dark shades, which in turn stimulates neural activity.

The Beardens decided to use FORMUFIT products not only because of the availability of color PVC pipe, but also because of its sturdiness and ability to utilize so many of the different fittings available to create different shapes and angles.

PVC Puppy Gym - DIY

For this particular PVC project, the Beardens included the following below to construct their PVC puppy play gym for their golden retrievers:

They also included a few other selections of length for their PVC pipe to create different configurations, as well as various toys for motor skill development. Though they do share these details on their site, they state that the lengths and setup would vary depending upon the size and breeds of puppies that were to use them.

As seen here, this project has yielded a few fans of this setup for sure!


PVC puppies tools

PVC Gym for Puppies


  • Do you sell a pack for this?

    - Linda
  • I posted on the Beardens website about the advantages of Formufit such as impact resistance and non-toxicity. Both very important with chewing puppies.

    Linda Ingle

    - Linda Ingle

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