Set Design with PVC

Set Design with PVC

Author FORMUFIT Staff

Passion City Church in Atlanta wanted to create a new set design that gave the appearance of floating cubes.  To bring this to life, they used 1” PVC along with FORMUFIT 1” 3-Way PVC Corner Elbows and 1” 4-Way PVC Tees to create vertical columns to construct the the elevated, floating boxes.

Once constructed, Spandex material was stretched across sections of each structure and attached with glue to create translucent cubes.  Each ‘floating cube‘ was fitted with production-level LED lights to cast an array of colors on to the material.

In addition to having multiple colored boxes as a stage backdrop, they were able to use projectors to cast images onto the material which would display throughout their performances and gatherings.

With the back of the stage darkened, only the singular cubes are seen when the stage is finally lit, giving the appearance of the floating backdrop.

The entire project shows the easy and simple construction capabilities of building with PVC, and the creativity that goes along with it. PVC can be used to great lengths in production and stage design for backdrops, set pieces and other performance elements.

Please visit the FORMUFIT PVC Project Library for more creative ideas.

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