PVC Kayak Cart

PVC Kayak Cart

PVC Materials List

F001TEE 1 in. PVC Tee 4
F00190E 1 in. 90 Degree PVC Elbow 4
F001EEC 1 in. External PVC End Cap 4
F0014WT 1 in. 4-Way PVC Tee 2
F114CP7 1-1/4" Caster Pipe Cap 2
Pipe Needed
1 in. Sch 40 PVC Pipe
15 ft.

Additional wheels, axles and other materials are required and are outlined in the plan PDF.

PVC Project Plan Description

Construct your own DIY PVC Kayak Pushcart to make it easy to move your kayak from your vehicle across the terrain and down to the water. With large, pneumatic wheels and solid supports for large or small kayaks, you can easily strap your boat to this cart to move it to the shoreline and begin your excursion.

Project Specifications:

  • Uses 1" core foam noodles to protect the kayak hull
  • Easy axle construction using Caster Pipe Caps
  • Can be broken down and stored in the kayak cockpit
  • Design accommodates both large and small kayak sizes
  • Easily customizable for different sizes or configurations
  • Dimensions as built: 2' 10"L x 2'0"W x 1'5"H

Download this PVC Plan

Download a step-by-step PDF file of this PVC plan to your computer or device.

Download SketchUp File

Download the SketchUp 3D file of this project to your PC or Mac to modify or adjust the design.