Create a PVC Athletic Ball Storage Cart

Create a PVC Athletic Ball Storage Cart

Author FORMUFIT Staff

Whether you have Physical Education class, sports team or garage full of sports equipment, everyone needs an easy solution to store basketballs, volleyballs and soccer balls. This week, we’ve produced a new plan that provides an easy and time-tested solution to build a PVC Ball Storage Cart.

PVC Ball Cart

This PVC Ball Storage Cart Plan is quick to assemble and will keep all of your sports equipment in check. These are the same basic design of storage racks found in schools and community centers around the country, but you can build it yourself for less than half the price of a retail version.

The cart will hold approximately twelve (12) basketballs or soccer balls, and is approximately 40 inches long,  42 inches high, and just 10 inches deep, for easy and compact storage. The plan uses Caster Fitting Inserts that let you insert whatever type of caster you need for your surface and is constructed of 4-Way PVC Tees and 90 Degree Elbows, all in the 1-1/4 in. PVC Size.

If you wanted to customize the cart, it can easily be done by adding or removing levels, or use FORMUFIT color PVC pipe and fittings to match your team or school colors.

You can download and build this PVC plan by going to the FORMUFIT Plan Library and clicking the project under our 'Sports' section, or you can go directly to the plan page by clicking here.  

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