Building a Phone/Tablet Stand from PVC

Building a Phone/Tablet Stand from PVC

Tablets and phones have become such an integrated part of lives, we use them everyday, in work, home and school. More often than not, when watching YouTube videos, or catching up on the latest season of Stranger Things, or your favorite movies, you your always looking for a place to set your phone or tablet down.

PVC Tablet Stand - LandscapeMore than once, you’ve tried using everything to prop your device up, from a tape measure you had lying around to that tissue box on your desk. They only work so long and eventually get moved or slide out of the way, causing your device to fall over. And because of that, we’re introducing a new PVC plan that shows you how to build a tablet stand with PVC pipe and fittings.

Simple to make, with just a few PVC parts, this stand is inexpensive and economical to make. And unlike the cheap eBay and Amazon alternatives, it will last much longer and take abuse from kids that use them every day like ours do.

PVC Phone StandMade from a single 5-Way Cross, with a couple of 90-Degree Elbows. this stand uses 1/2” PVC pipe and dome caps to make a nice, clean and easy to store phone/tablet stand for your home.

If you choose to make it from Furniture Grade PVC, you can select from any of our bright PVC colors to make yours; be it one solid color, or by mixing it up with your favorite sports team or school colors.

By default, it will hold any phone in landscape mode, and any tablet in either portrait or landscape mode. Of course, you can always modify it by adding your own custom lengths of PVC pipe to each section, but that is entirely up to you.

You can download this PVC plan from the FORMUFIT PVC Library in PDF format, and also download the accompanying SketchUp file, if you wish to make customizations before you build. A full set of required items is available from our plans page as well.

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  • FORMUFIT Staff
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  • Timothy Townsend
    Timothy Townsend

    Could it be to much to asked, if you could just show the stand without a phone on it?

  • Gregg. Hogg
    Gregg. Hogg

    Would love to receive more diagrams. Pictures. And ideas on the use of this product

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