How To Build a DJ Booth Facade With PVC

How To Build a DJ Booth Facade With PVC

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Author FORMUFIT Staff

You’ve seen them at clubs, weddings, festivals, parties and the like. The DJ behind the large booth spinning your favorite tunes, setting the musical scene. For many aspiring DJs, it can become a lucrative career but can also be a costly one. Not only is there electronics to figure out, but also the need for a good first impression: The DJ Booth. Large booths needed for the DJ to do their work can be as high as thousands of dollars. Due to the ingenuity of one FORMUFIT customer’s PVC design, building a DJ booth facade is now very affordable and easy.

DJ Booth Made from PVC Pipe


Enter Skip Spoerke, a senior at Southern New Hampshire University. He needed a DJ booth that would allow for easy portability, and had to be sturdy and expandable. On top of that, it needed to look good and be affordable. Skip chose FORMUFIT Furniture Grade PVC products due to their superior quality and the black gloss finish he desired

Skip purchased several FORMUFIT parts to complete the task including the following:

Skip provides instructions on his Beyond Volume blog, including some ideas for extra accessories. The accessories include a large duffel bag for easy transport for the PVC pipe and fittings, a PVC pipe cutter, and some custom banners. The instructions detail how many parts you’ll need as well as the steps to complete the work.

In all, it cost Skip about $165 for the PVC pipe and fittings shipped from FORMUFIT. It was an another $60-$70 for accessories to complete the DJ booth. Given that he now has a sturdy, professional DJ booth at a fraction of a the normal cost, Skip designed himself a bargain.

Click here for Skip’s blog post and to get more information or download the instructions yourself


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  • want to make 2 bar height chairs for pvc bar

    - suzanne

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