Self Storing PVC Light Box for Photography

Self Storing PVC Light Box for Photography

Author FORMUFIT Staff

Light boxes come in handy when photographers wish to take a photo of something up close. Light boxes allows proper light diffusion and gives a uniform background to focus on the subject. Most professional light boxes can be very expensive and very heavy to transport. One of our FORMUFIT customers has taken it upon himself to create such a professional light box. One that is both inexpensive and light weight and easy to store.

PVC Lightbox 1

This is the second PVC project that Ray of the Joyful Turtle blog has created using our FORMUFIT furniture grade PVC products. Ray built a PVC desk which we wrote a previous article on on blog, located here. Ray’s blog features recipes and he needed a setup to be able to photograph the finished dishes. After the success of his PVC desk efforts he went through a bit of trial and error before coming up with a final design. Ray developed an cheap 13” x 13” professional quality light box, sturdy and easy enough to travel with.

Ray ordered all the FORMUFIT parts he needed from Amazon as well as some other accessories like a pipe cutter and PVC cement. As he details in his blog post, Ray used his pipe cutter to provide quick and straight cuts to the 3/4” Schedule 40 PVC Pipe. This allowed him to have a snug fitting connection on the rotating pipe sections.

He had to get creative with a way to store the lights without detaching them. Ray was able to fasten the lights to the rotating PVC arms by removing the wire clip that the lights used. He then mounted a clip pin into the PVC cap of the light arms he added to the frame, and voila, as self storing light box!

PVC Lightbox 2

To finish off his setup and provide much needed storage, he attached a large plastic storage unit and a small board to the bottom of the light box. This allowed the light box to sit atop the storage unit, providing for a good shooting height. It also allows Ray to store his supplies for the light box and other accessories.

PVC Lightbox 3

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