1" Fishmouth PVC Fitting - Furniture Grade

Customer Questions & Answers

  • What would something like this be used for?

    There are a number of uses.  Our fishmouth adapter works great to connect a perpedicular peice of pipe to another without cutting. They are also used a 'stand' to hold up pipe when a temporary hold is needed in a sFishmouth Instructionsstructure.  You can see more in our instructions here:  

Product Instructions

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Product Description

This Furniture Grade specialty Fishmouth PVC Adapter allows 1 in. Size PVC pipe to connect to another 1 in. Size PVC pipe using fasteners.

  • Fits inside 1" Size Sch. 40 PVC pipe, which has an outside diameter of 1-5/16" (1.315") and an inside diameter of 1".
  • Ideal for when cuts in PVC contstruction are not warranted
  • Allows resting of a PVC pipe segment, without rolling
  • Center hole allows attachment of fastners to PVC pipe
  • Smooth and glossy surface finish
  • Impact proof and UV stabilized for outdoor color retention
  • Glossy, print-free and embossment-free surface
  • Injection molded as a solid unit for durability
  • Impact proof; 5x stronger than plumbing grade products
  • UV resistant for high weatherability, excellent for outdoor, direct-sunlight applications

Product Compatibility

1 pipe dimension

This product will fit 1" Size PVC pipe, which has an outside diameter of 1.315" (1-5/16") and an inside diameter of approximately 1". See our PVC 101 section for more info.

This product is not compatible with CPVC or Copper Tube Size (CTS) pipe.

Product Specifications

1 in. Fishmouth TSD

View all of they physical dimensions of this product by downloading the Technical Specifications document in PDF format.


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