How to Use: Protective PVC Pad

To connect a Protective PVC Pad to PVC pipe:

Align PVC Protective Pad

1. Place the protective pad along the pipe wall where it should be attached.

Apply PVC Cement

2. You can also apply PVC cement for a permanent connection to the inside of the protective pad.

Insert Screw PVC Protect

3. You can also use a small threaded screw to connect the protective pad to the outer wall of the PVC pipe.  A 1/8" pilot hole is recommended.

4. When in place, check stability.  You can then place these pads onto rough surfaces, or apply felt pads to protect floors..


You can use either PVC cement (on the face of the Protective PVC Pad) or use a screw through the pad into the pipe.  You can also use a combination of the two methods for greater security.

For additional information, please see our PVC Assembly Guide.